The Toyota Tacoma Gives you Off-Road Capabilities

Here at Toyota World of Newton, we know the Toyota Tacoma is beloved by many fans of this midsize pickup truck because of its ability to provide power and performance. However, the Tacoma is designed to be more than a work truck hauling cargo and towing as it has been created with an off-road package that makes it easy for you to set out on any adventure you can find. Technology is playing its part in the development of the off-road capabilities of the Tacoma, including the crawl control and multi-terrain select features.

Off-Road Specific Models

The Toyota Tacoma has been designed with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that gives you all the power you need when you are heading off-road to set out on a new adventure. The TRD Off-Road model has been designed specifically to provide you with the comfortable ride you desire around Newton, NJ and the rugged nature you want when you head into the great outdoors. This 4x4 midsize truck features a short bed truck and a short bed to give you and your passengers the perfect vehicle for moving around the wild.

Technology to keep you Safe Off-Road

When you are looking for the best options in off-road technology, you can enjoy a suite of features and technologies that are designed to keep you safe when moving off-road away from Newton, NJ. Crawl control has recently been introduced to make certain your Tacoma moves around safely when moving over difficult terrain at low speeds. Your Tacoma has the ability to control the braking and throttle levels to make sure you move safely over any type of ground.

Mapping your Terrain

Whenever you head off the paved road, you can find yourself facing some challenging terrain. Being able to see the way your surroundings are unfolding ahead, to the side, and at the rear makes it easy for you to stay safe no matter which way you turn. The Multi-Terrain Monitor uses cameras mounted around your Tacoma to give you the perfect view of the world around you on the trail.

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