Buying or Leasing a Toyota: Answering the Essential FAQs

Ah, the age-old question: Should I buy or lease a car? People all over the country ask themselves this every day, hoping for a clear-cut answer. But the perfect solution for one person might be completely wrong for another. Depending on your personality, goals, and priorities, the choice to lease or buy a car is certainly not a one-size-fits-all decision. At Toyota World of Newton, we're here to aid you on your quest in discovering a vehicle that suits you to a Tee. Check out these frequently asked questions about leasing and buying cars to find out which is best for you. When decision time comes around, call us at 877-701-3721 to learn more about our current Toyota incentives on the newest Toyota models in our inventory.

Q: When is leasing a Toyota or new car my best option?

A Toyota lease is ideal for drivers who appreciate a good deal, plain and simple. When leasing, you'll enjoy the following perks:

Top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art vehicles that are covered fully by manufacturer's warranties.
Lower monthly payments compared to a financed vehicle.
Stability and reliability.
Minimal vehicle maintenance requirements.
Low down payments.
Exceptional lease specials, incentives, and deals.
Less hassles when it's time to part with the vehicle (just walk away at the end of your lease contract).
Drivers who like the newest technology and safety features and low-maintenance requirements will find no better set of wheels than those that are leased.

Q: Is leasing or buying a car more affordable?

As a premier Newton Toyota dealer, we are proud to make both leasing and buying a Toyota affordable options for all of our customers. With some of the area's best Toyota special offers, our dealership can hand you the keys to a new car for less than you'd expect. Typically, leasing a new car comes with low monthly and initial payments, but at the end of your term the vehicle is relinquished back to us or purchased by you for the fair-market value. Comparably, buying a new Toyota with a low-interest auto loan is a more long-term investment as you retain the car once it's been paid for, allowing you sell it at any time.

Q: How do I buy my leased Toyota at lease-end?

As detailed in your contract, you may purchase the leased vehicle at lease-end or even during the lease. Speak to our sales and finance team to go over your specific contract details.

Q: What are the mileage limitations on a leased Toyota?

Total mileage restrictions are disclosed at the time of lease signage and agreement. Typical 36-month lease terms come with the option of 12,000 miles per year (low-mileage lease) or 15,000 miles per year (standard lease). Overage fees may apply if these limits are passed at lease-end.

Q: What types of local Toyota lease deals are available at your car dealership?

Our lease specials, deals, and incentives change regularly, so please contact our sales department for more details at 877-701-3721. Toyota also packages specials in the form of programs, which can be found here.

Q: Can I lease a used car instead of buying?

Unlike other car dealerships near Sussex, NJ, Toyota World does offer a variety of pre-owned lease specials on Toyota and other makes of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.

Q: I like a souped-up ride; can I still lease a Toyota?

Leasing a vehicle may not be for you since all leased vehicles must be returned at lease-end in the same condition as it was when contracts were signed. Instead, look to buy one of our new or used vehicles and deck it out to your heart's content.

Q: How do I discuss my options with Toyota World of Newton?

Simple: Give us a call at 877-701-3721 or visit our Newton Toyota dealership at 66 Hampton House Rd, Route 206. As one of the most respected Toyota dealers in the area, we're excited to get you into the driver's seat of your ideal vehicle. Not only can we find you the best new Toyota specials, but our financing department will also work hard on your behalf to secure you a budget-friendly auto loan.
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